Tutorial Implementing Network Coding (IEEE Globecom 2013)

globecom-2013-croppedThis Friday I will together with Frank Fitzek (www.fitzek.net) be presenting our “Implementing Network Coding” tutorial at IEEE Globecom 2013 in Atlanta.


Network coding has raised a lot of interest in the research community lately and first attempts in standardization bodies are taking place to integrate this ground breaking technology in commercial products. This tutorial will give a short introduction to network coding, but the main focus is to enable the audience to implement their own ideas either in simulations or in real testbeds. Therefore the tutorial organizers will present their own software library for network coding. The software library comes with a small simulation environment to test out first simple relaying topologies. It can be further integrated into NS3 and allows more complex simulations. The tutorial will show how to embed the software library and to do the parameterization for different scenarios. Understanding the impact of different parameter choices are of critical importance in order to successfully deploy network coding in real networks and on real devices. Throughout the tutorial participants will gain hands-on experience with the impact of key parameters such as finite field size, generation size and systematic coding.
The tutorial will also show how to implement the software on commercial platforms such as Android phones, tablets, or laptops. Some demonstrators of network coding will be available showing the full potential of network coding in larger testbeds. The goal of the tutorial is that each participant understands the basic functionality of network coding and is able to integrate network coding in own projects. The software library is fully accessible to the audience even after the tutorial. This tutorial will be held for the first time and the implementation of network coding is a very timely topic.

Read more about the tutorial here: http://www.ieee-globecom.org/tutorials.html#t12

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